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T/Q-Pulse Noise Killer Test

T/Q-Pulse Noise Killer Test

This video shows T/Q-Pulse Technology (Patented) of Partial Discharge detection and Noise/Interference Removal.

Ch. 1 was equipped with normal PD detection module which does not have any noise killing function, on the contrary, Ch. 3 has T-Q Pulse Function Module which detects PD and kills noise not using any filter inside.

PD detected is maintaining its quantity not affected by a noise filter at all, while noise was killed by T/Q-Pulse Technology. 

There are two same kind of UHF PD sensor probes for Ch.1 and Ch.3 to input same RF signal into each channel.

Ch.1 displays noise/interference and Ch.3 displays only white background signal before the simulated PD signal by electric lighter was radiated.

Once simulated PD signal was input into each channel, Ch.3 displays only PD signal meanwhile Ch.1 displays PD and Noise altogether at same time.

This means you can use wireless communication service such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth or LTE while you are monitoring PD.

Furthermore, by field test, you can discriminate between PD and PD-like signal such as Air-Corona, using UHF and HFCT sensor simultaneously even in frequency range from 1MHz upto 6GHz detecting 0.5pC PD signal smaller than Noise Forest surrounded.