Universal Electromagnetic Problem

Undetected Partial Discharge causes accidents in any industry with electromagnetics.

EcoTomorrow aims for early and accurate detection of Partial Discharge

and effective prevention of industrial accidents. 

Industrial Accidents Are Ubiquitous

   Systems and components affected by electromagnetics undergo unpredicted Partial Discharge

phenomena that are hard to detect with pre-existing, surrounding noises and current technology.  

EcoTomorrow commits to the early detection and effective prevention of industrial accidents 

caused by undetected PD. 

Wind Turbines Accidents

Solar Panels


Energy Storage System Accidents

Electrical Vehicles Explosion

Consequences of Industrial Accidents


Repair and Replacement Cost

Property Loss and Facility Damage

Operation Shutdown

Solutions and Benefits from EcoTomorrow

Less Operating Cost

Smart Prediction

(Accurate & Early Detection)

Automated Monitoring

Advanced Analytics

(Hybrid AI)